Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Outfit of the Day 4/21/10

I am so tired! We had a meeting after school to go over the procedures for next weeks state testing. The meeting was long. Black knit cardigan-Walmart, old

Lipstick cami-Torrid, Feb '10

Gray pants-JCPenney, Jan'10

Python Shoes-Avenue, Mar '10

Necklace-Self made, Nov '09


Ring-James Avery, gift

I can't believe I made this. I attended a jewelry making class with a girlfriend and we each made a necklace. The hardest part was deciding colors and placement of the beads.

Love this bracelet and wear it often. The ring was a gift from my sweetie and wear it daily.

Close up of cami and nails.

My killer shoes! They stretched out and they kept slipping off my heels. I need to get some insole inserts to see if that will help. I will be sad if I have to give them away.
After work today I popped into Payless because it's BOGO time and was looking for some cut,e fun shoes to wear for earth day tomorrow. And I left with 2 new pairs of black shoes. I spied some jewelry that I may go back and get in the near future.
Hope you had a great day!


  1. I love those shoes!! I even went online and into the store to find them but they were all wide-width and I don't wear that. So, I will just admire them from afar!

    I am SO GLAD I don;t have to do the state testing this year (1st grade doesn't take it)!!!!

  2. Those shoes are AWESOME! I hope you can find a way to salvage them. I love the ring and lipstick top, too!

  3. Cute shoes. I picked my leggings up tuesday night.