Monday, April 5, 2010

New Stuff in March

Here are some recent purchase. They were all purchased in the month of March. A yellow bag from Target on clearance ($10) to match my yellow shoes. I grew up with a mom that the shoes and bag had to match. I try to break that rule but sometimes I slip back into old habits. The bag has not support and falls over. I like a bag that stands up.
Merona knit skirts from Target. I am one of those that if it fits I buy one in every color in my size. This will be a great weekend/summer skirt. It hits right at my knee. I got these when they were on sale for around $10 each. What color would you pair with the teal skirt on top??

While at Target I had to get T's to wear with those cute skirts. Sorry I didn't flip the picture.

Two new stretch belts in pink and red from Macy's. These are from their everyday value collection. A stop at Cato for gold flats and black jewelry on sale!

Lastly a trip into the chaos of Forever 21 for this cute necklace that matches a cardigan I am wearing later this week. I wish they had earrings because you know I love sets.
I think I am good for awhile or till the next sale/clearance!


  1. Okay, love the yellow bag. Secondly, I wore that Target skirt in purple on Saturday! I also ordered it in the teal because my store ran out of my size very quickly. I would pair that teal with just about anything - cream, brown, yellow, navy, white, black... grey, even. Oh, and I have that sequined scoop neck tee in the light grey! How much do you love Target? SO MUCH! :)

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  3. I'm loving your purchases! I was just at Target and I wish I had seen those floral tops. Instead I ended up with a jar of pistachios.

    For your teal skirt, you could do a darker purple top, or maybe something white and yellow? Of course you could always do brown too.

    Just fyi, I added your blog to my links page :)