Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Avon is Calling

I have found out that one of my coworkers sells AVON and I have been having fun! I don't buy their makeup because I love the brand I am using but the jewelry and other stuff is great. If you haven't seen AVON in awhile you need to check them. Here are a few items I have recently purchased and I have more on the way. Cool blue and silver necklace. Yes, I got the matching earrings.
Pearl set

Sparkly necklace

Not sure why this photo flipped! This set was a brighter red in the catalog but I can still wear it.

Gems on my toes. The purple pair looks great with my purple skirt from Target!

And these with the brown and teal skirts.
No outfit post today. We went on a field trip to the zoo and we had to wear our school shirts and jeans. Nothing exciting. After walking all over the zoo and keeping track of 22 busy bodies then I had to withstand the great outdoors more for my sons baseball game. It was 80 degrees today so I have had my fill of the day. Also, since its so warm now, what is our summer going to be like?
Hope you can send some cooler weather my way!


  1. I love Avon! I try to avoid it now because I quickly become addicted. The weather has been really warm here too. It was 84 degrees today and it felt like 90. I'm a little concerned about the summer too. I hate hot weather. I rarely wear shorts and I hate tanning. But at least we have central air everywhere here.

  2. Oh, I love that blue necklace! It is so hard to find pretty blue jewelry, so it seems. Good find!