Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Outfits

My weekend started early. I received a call that my son was sick and had to go pick him up Friday. Then my sweetie got sick. I am not sure if they had the same thing but things were not pleasant over here.

Saturday we did manage a trip out to eat and then to the Lego store for our son. We had promised and he wouldn't let us forget. It was a new mall to me and we walked around and looked at different stores. I was surprised the Forever 21 has a store just for accessories and loved being in there. I don't particularly like going into their main store. I guess because I am no where near 21! What I wore to eat Mexican food and shop the Lego store.
top-Liz from JC Penney
gray cords-Liz from JC Penney
black trouser socks-Walmart
shoes-BareTraps from Famous Footwear
jewelry-Premier Design jewelry party

Close up of the necklace. I have the matching earrings on as well. They are exactly like the necklace only smaller in size.

What I wore to church
2 piece dress-Coldwater Creek
black hose-leggs
shoes-Payless-Bought these on Saturday at the mall for $15
jewelry-Premier Jewelry Design jewelry party
Car-Chevy Traverse. I love my new car!

Close up of shoes. They are a black and white plaid by the designer Lela Rose. She had other shoes as well and I may be back.
This afternoon I threw on jeans and a t-shirt to do some running around. Nothing exciting. Now getting ready for the week. It is going to be busy and my son and I are heading out of town next weekend. I need to go plan my wardrobe for the week and my trip.
Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. very cute shoes!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I don't mind you linking to me at all!