Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outfit of the Day 2/24/10

My photographer didn't tell me that she was taking the picture! It's a one picture deal for me. The green tank gives it just a little bit of color. Gray swing jacket-JCPenney(Nov 2009)
Green lace tank-Coldwater Creek(Jan 2010)
Black pants-Coldwater Creek(Aug 2008)
Black boots-Kohl's(Nov 2009)
Jewelry-Premier(Dec 2009)

I had to really think about those dates. I am not use to thinking about when I purchased something but this blog is having me see that I buy way too much. I usually buy something when I see it or like it and go get it. I am trying to be good and scale down my purchases and shop my closet. Also, I am working on my diet and want to buy smaller sizes so that is helping me some.

Close up of necklace. I have the matching earrings, too.

This evening I cut my bangs. I had gone to get my haircut this pass weekend and I just wasn't happy with the results. In fact, it looked the same. She did cut an inch off of the length but I just wasn't digging the front, so I chopped away and now have bangs. Can't wait to see how it will be in the morning!

Enjoy your evening!

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  1. I am the opposite about clothes shopping. I love to shop but I think about what I am buying way too much. I usually go back to the store and look at things a few times (especially more expensive items) before I choose to buy. But, this backfires because I often go back and the item is no longer avaliable in my size! It's all about a balance.