Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Five

I thought I would try something new and on Fridays share five items with you. My attire on Fridays is a school spirit shirt and jeans not that thrilling! So my five items can be recent purchased items or favorites found in my closet. They can be clothing, accessories or beauty related. What do you think? Is there someone or blog already doing this that I can link up with, please leave a comment and let me know.
So here are my five items this week. All of these are items are newly purchased. I will let you know where and how much I spent on them.
Cato skirt $11.00.  I love going into Cato every once in awhile because you never know what you will find, especially on the clearance racks!
Dress Barn Black skirt $17.99. I usually don't shop at Dress Barn but I think I might make it a regular stopping place. They have some great clothing hanging around and can't wait for it to hit the sale/clearance racks!
Lane Bryant Blue cardigan $24.99. I was on the hunt for new cardigans after Christmas and I lucked out here. I may go back and get more colors for this great sale price.
Kohl's scarf $14.99. Loved the colors in this scarf!
Kohl's blue suede shoes $24.97. Now I can dance with my blue suede shoes!
Do you see what I am going to put together to wear to church tomorrow? I hope you liked seeing my new items. My favorites are the shoes!

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