Friday, May 20, 2011

Cookie Lee Jewelry and Gold Canyon Candle

Awhile back I went to a home party for a Cookie Lee jewelry party. I have never heard of them before and was pleasantly surprised. They offer high fashion jewelry at reasonable prices. My purchase came to me all wrapped up in a cellophane bag with their logo printed all over. I had a hard time picking out something because every time I turned the page I liked something else. But my teacher budget would not allow me to get one of each so this is what I settled on.

I love starfish, bling and pearls!

Pearl necklace with sparkly starfish

A sparkly starfish stretch ring to match the necklace.

While at the party another home business was set up to sell their wares. This was another business I have never heard of before, Gold Canyon candles. The host had several burning in her home and they smelt so wonderful.

So I had to pick up one and candle accessories.

I picked Plumeria fragrance candle to remind me of our Hawaiian vacation last summer.

Also picked out this candle holder with accessories that can be changed out for the holidays/seasons. I put on the stars for the upcoming summer holidays.

The picks came in a pouch and look what all came with it, leaves, pumpkins, hearts, snowflakes, tress, and sunflowers. I am going to have so much fun changing them around.

I recommend both of these business. They have excellent customer service, the consultants were very knowledgeable about their products. So if you ever get an invite to a home party you should check them out.

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