Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outfit of the Day 1/25/11

What a long day! I was at school from 7 this morning till 8 at night. I know crazy! I woke up feeling yucky. I am sure that one of my students decided to share their germs with me and I am all stopped up. Tonight we had Family Math Night which families come up to the school to play and learn math games and ways to help their child be successful in Math. We had a great turn out and got to meet some of my parents that I needed to see. Now I am just extremely tired. Top-JC Penney
Pants-Coldwater Creek
Shoes-Famous Footwear
Necklace, earring and bracelet-Premier

Comfortable shoes for a long day!

Oops, watch is upside down.


  1. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! It's a great idea to wear bright colors when you're sick, it brightens your face up so much. I love the ruffle details on that top!

  2. Yikes, I hope you're feeling better soon! The ruffled purple top is such a beautiful color. You look so 'put together'!