Saturday, August 7, 2010

Outfit of the Day 8/7/10

Yuck! I do not like this outfit on me. I kept pulling at the top, it was too short and too tight. It's going in the giveaway bag. I love the pants because they are made out of seersucker, so light and breezy for the hot summer, but they just don't look right. In the evening as I was getting ready for bed my husband said he didn't care for today's outfit and I was like thanks for the late notice. On a happy note we all got new phones today! The plan was to go get son a new phone since he is starting middle school but he couldn't have a cooler phone than his parents so we had to upgrade. I got a pretty red blackberry. I also did some school shopping for me. Outfit-Denim and Co via QVC

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  1. Haha, sorry you weren't happy with your outfit today, but the part about your husband cracked me up :o) I usually ask mine if I look okay right before I leave, and I can tell by his initial reaction whether he likes it or not. Sometimes he'll make a weird face for a split second before he says I look nice - then I know I need to go change.