Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Premier Jewelry Haul

This is all my free and half price jewelry that I received from the party that my mom and I co hosted. It is insane the amount of jewelry (11 pieces) I got and that my mom received as well. If you have never heard of Premier you must check them out. Their jewelry is stylist and reasonable priced.

First off, our jewelry consultant was so sweet and offered my mom and I each a free watch for having the party. How awesome is that! Their watches all have the Seiko inner parts so they work well. This is the watch I selected and I love it. These two pieces are absolutely beautiful. The color is a lovely corral.
These four pieces are my favorite right now. Turquoise is great during the summer. The enhancer is magnetic and can be worn on other pieces.

This is a fun causal two pieces.

I got these two pieces to go with a dress with purples/plums/blacks.

This necklace was the reason I had the party. I love sea life jewelry and wanted this, so why not get so much more for free and half price for having a party!

Thanks for looking at my haul and I hope you check out Premier. If you have some Premier Jewelry, what is your favorite piece from them?


  1. Well my fave is definitely my starfish necklace! I also love my gold lace earrings!

    Great jewelry selection!!

  2. I love the coral and turquoise too! And the starfish necklace is adorable.