Monday, March 22, 2010

On Line Purchases

With all the fashion blogs I have been visiting I have discovered and rediscovered some great stores. I want to thank all of them for their heads up on sales, promotions and coupon codes. Deals for the Short and Curvy had a post about Talbot's outlet clearance. I just had to check it out. I haven't shopped at Talbot's in quite awhile. I had a gift card that I have been hanging on to and I was going to find something! Well, here is what I ordered and it arrived while I was in DC. White jeans (I can't remember the last time I wore white jeans!)
Black and white gingham sundress. I am not a bare shoulders kind of girl so I will be looking for a shrug or elbow length cardigan to wear over this.
This cute butterfly skirt.
And two pairs of colored denim carpi's for the summer.
I spent just under $20. with my gift card ($50) on all these items. You've got to love a Talbot's outlet clearance
What have you bought recently on line?


  1. I cant wait to see these "in action" I love the gingham dress - so nice, and I have looked at that skirt many a time. Good picks!!!! :-)

  2. I usually don't shop online because I like going out and trying stuff on,but I recently bought a whole lot of stuff on and I got great deals on everything.

  3. Oh that skirt is so cute! I thought about getting it too but didn't. :(